About us


Our strength? We’ve got the whole process in our hands, from A to Z, even including our own transport and laboratories. The factors that drive us are continuity, a personal touch, reliability and short lines of communication. This working method has already granted us close on 45 years of success. Our people are responsible professionals with enormous drive and a focus on solutions and opportunities.

From idea to end product

Animeal Factory has extensive experience in the production of animal feed. We have already developed and produced the most complete package of fish foods for ponds and aquariums, together with a range of extruded pet specialities. In 2013 we delivered 99.8% of orders according to the agreements, and sorted out the remainder within 24 hours. Come and visit us in Someren – we’d love to show you our facilities and tell you more about our rich history. But we're mainly curious as to what your wishes might be for the future!