Your idea

New ideas form the basis for further growth. The strength of Animeal Factory is that we like to do things together. We listen and think proactively along with you, so that together we can come up with an even better idea.

Anticipating needs rapidly

We’ve already experienced this many times and it continues to energise both us and our customers: from idea to full lorry load in 10 working days. To have the right product on the shelves at just the right moment takes knowledge of the market, thinking together proactively about product ideas, and structuring the complex product development process. We anticipate needs in record time: we monitor the timeframe of the process for you, thus relieving you of that worry, and in addition we help to structure new ideas. In this way the ideas can be transformed into a successful, marketable product in the most efficient way possible. And this all happens in-house!

Do you have an idea? Get in touch with us and together we’ll make your idea a commercial success.